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Let Travelandz Help to Streamline the Holiday Process. Unlock Access to an Ever-growing Network of Industry Professionals, Offering You Access to Hotels, Flights, Transport, and Experiences to Create Bespoke Holiday Packages for Your Clients..
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Amaya, Director
Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, Spain
Angela D., Director
Luxe Travel, Australia
Sarah Doe, Customer Experience Director
GastroCult, Spain
Sergio Ramos, Director
Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, Spain

What Travelandz Can Do For You

SaaS Platform

Save time and money. Offer the perfect tour.

All you have to do is drag and drop the dates you want, and we'll do the rest - finding dozens of hand-picked activities, accommodations, flights and more in seconds.
  • Ready to use content
  • Upload your providers
  • Drag and drop features
  • Filter your search criteria
  • Export your plans to PDF
  • Proposal Tracking
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Reach more customers, increase your productivity

All of your decisions are easily made with Travelandz - from the type of itinerary you want to the areas you want to explore. We do all the work for you!
Revenue Increase
Did you know that the travel industry creates about 2 million proposals every year? Our AI-powered content generation engine creates proposals automatically, in just a few seconds, matching the specific requirements of the customer to experiences in our database. Guests receive the perfect proposal every time. We have helped more than 100 agencies boost their revenue by 40%!
The average proposal takes over 3 hours to complete. That's a lot of lost time and money! With our AI-powered platform, proposals are generated automatically every time a customer has a request. They are presented with the best matching contents that can be customized in real-time and sent out in just a few minutes. That's up to $6000+ per year you're saving!
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Hotel Industry

Enrich your customer's stay

We are disrupting the hotel experience by providing tailor-made and ready to go experiences in the city for sophisticated customers. Our platform allows hotels to offer a service that is personalized, and exciting at the same time.
  • Trigger automatic pre-arrival proposals
  • Travelandz API integrates with your PMS
  • AI-powered personalization
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More Than Just A Tool


Let Travelandz take care of the best combinations for your proposals. Small groups, pets allowed, solo adventurers, mature travellers, personalization is ready for your customers.
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Easy Customization

Personalize your own environment adding your providers, your experiences, you main contacts. Let Travelandz put all them to work together."
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Scale Up

Reducing the time you dedicate to your operations and increasing personalization enables you to reach more customers. Bring your business to the next level with Travelandz.
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Time Saver

Dedicate your resources to your strengths, building customer relationships and providing the best service. Let Travelandz work for you and give you the information you need at the right time.
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Join Thousands of Top Companies

Become Part of a Growing Network of Industry Professionals and Provide Unforgettable Experiences for Your Customers."